Friday, March 2, 2012

Image Processing Update

Team Sahas has been divided into different groups to target each module of the FIRA - Mirosot event problem statement. The work under the Image processing team can be categorized into the following modules :
  • Object Identification/Tracking
  • Velocity/Orientation determination
  • Arena zone identification
  • Robustness in Lighting conditions and Tracking Algorithms
Preliminary testing and codes for object identification/tracking and arena zone detection were completed.  (dummy bots were used). Trapezoidal error detection algorithms were also implemented.

The initial Arena made of Black vinyl background was upgraded to Blackboard paint (much better non reflective surface).

Initial Camera being used : Logitech Cam Pro9000
Problems faced : Higher exposure time leading to trails on fast moving object videos. We will be rectifying this problem by shifting to a better camera (CCD surveillance camera).

Next step : Integration with Artificial Intelligence team's simulation algorithms.

Video :  Indicating zone identification, Bot tracking, Bot orientation determination

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  1. Hey guys...nice job! I am from KgpKubs, IIT Kharagpur's team going to FIRA 2012...saw your team name on the teams page and thought it would be mutually beneficial to stay in touch with a team working for the same event! Can you give me your e-mail id or drop me a mail at so that we can stay connected?